Welcome to the Methuen Board of Trade

Who We Are…

The Methuen Board of Trade was established in 1922 and is an association for the advancement of the business, civic, and social welfare of the city of Methuen.

Membership in the Methuen Board of Trade is open to any company or individual interested in the advancement of Methuen. By virtue of its ties with the various organizations, this bond reaches the entire Merrimack Valley. Members believe together we can make a difference.

The Methuen Board of Trade is proud of its involvement in the community. We support and participate in various city-run activities and are the sponsors of several events attended by people throughout the Merrimack Valley. We are proud of the relationships we share with other area business and civic organizations.

The Methuen Board of Trade is governed by a Board of Directors. Our members meet monthly to socialize and keep updated on what is happening in the community. The Board of Trade publishes a monthly newsletter, called “Trade Talk,” to update members on the latest news and activities of the organization.

Our Motto is “In Unity there is Strength.” By patronizing our members you help them and yourself.